Career Ed
Today is: Saturday,24 February,2018 11:50:11 AM

Career Education Programs in schools offer a variety of opportunities for students including Work Experience, SSA (Secondary School Apprenticeships), ACE IT (Accelerated Credit Enrolment in Industry Training) and Dual Credit programs.  

Work Experience is that part of an educational program that provides a student with an opportunity to participate in, observe or learn about the performance of tasks and responsibilities related to an occupation or career.

SSA is a career program that provides students with the opportunity to begin an apprenticeship while still in high school, and to earn high school credits for doing so.
ACE IT (Accelerated Credit Enrollment Industry Training) is an industry training program for high school students. Through an ACE IT program, you can take courses that will give you both high school graduation credits and a head start towards completion of an apprenticeship program.
Dual Credit, like ACE IT, allows students to complete post-secondary courses, earning dual credits that count towards both their high school diploma and their post-secondary diploma, degree or apprenticeship certification.

Each of these programs provide students with alternatives to completing high school graduation through courses that provide relevant workplace experience.  SSA, ACE IT and Dual Credit provide additional benefits towards credit and work normally completed after high school graduation.

To see the District Career Program Guidelines, click on the link below:
District Career Program Guidelines.pdf