ACE-IT (Accelerated Credit Enrollment Industry Training)
Today is: Tuesday,17 July,2018 06:37:37 AM

Youth TRAIN in Trades is an industry training program for high school students. Through a Youth TRAIN in Trades program, students can take courses that will give both high school graduation and post secondary school.

Youth TRAIN in Trades programs are developed and offered as partnerships between school districts and post-secondary institutions, and classes are often taught at colleges. Local employers also get involved in the development of Youth TRAIN in Trades programs, and students who complete these programs typically have very good success in finding employment.

Once you successfully complete a Youth TRAIN in Trades program you'll get credit for at least level one of the technical training (in-class) component of your Industry Training Program. And through work experience placements that are usually part of the program, you'll get credit towards the on-the-job component of your training as well. Enroll in both Youth TRAIN in Trades and the Youth WORK in Trades program and you'll be well on your way to completing your first year of post-secondary education by the time you graduate.

Application Form
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