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SD53 FirstClass

The FirstClass client is installed on all SD53 computers and is the best method for logging in and using FirstClass.
For home use it is also recommended to install the FirstClass client following steps below:
If these aren't available or if you just want to login while at some computer temporarily that doesn't have the client, then you could use the web login link at the bottom of this page.

Download and Install FirstClass Client Software

FirstClass Client Software can be downloaded and installed on your home computer, and will not interfere with your existing, personal email software.

Step 1 - Download and install the FirstClass client software for  Windows, Mac OSX, or check on the FirstClass site for other versions.

Troubleshooting - Are You Seeing This Message?



Configuring FirstClass to the SD53 Server

Step 1: Launch FirstClass.
Step 2: Press the ADVANCED button.
Step 3: Press the SETUP button.
Step 4: Enter in the server field (not case sensitive).
Step 5: Press the SAVE button.

If you are using a computer that does not have the FirstClass client software installed, log in using your web browser by clicking the icon to the left. This is a convenient way to connect when you are away from your normal computer, on holidays, etc. Note that some district forms and documents may not work from the web version.