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Student Transportation- Elink Start Page
See below for instructions before going to the eLink search page.
eLink general search Versatrans e-Link - School-Transportation Search (no login required for this link)
(* Use the Advanced Search, not Simple Search.)
Select your child's grade (use next years grade and school if your looking for next years information).
Select your child's school (if you don't choose a school it may give the wrong stop information).
Enter your child's address (house number, street name and postal code).
Click the 'Find School/Transportation Info' button.

**Sorry, the system may only find the bus stop number and location for you for some locations.  For pickup and dropoff times and bus number, you can look on our route lists once you have found your stop number with eLink:  SD53 Route Lists 2017

If the search results are not successful, redefine your search by trying the following ...

- use another spellings or abbreviations since there can sometimes be to many variations on street names and abbreviations (for example try ST instead of STREET or HWY instead of HIGHWAY), or

- skip things like North or N or W or West in the street name, or

- if the house numbers aren't found try a number that is close by or across the street (maps on this system may be missing some house numbers).

NOTE: the map display portion works on Internet Explorer 6 or later, but may show blank on Firefox and some other web browsers

LOGOUT after your finished by click 'logout' in the top right corner.
The information should be close but is not guaranteed to be accurate.  

Contact by email for more information.

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