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TTOC Experience Credit Transfer
Per LOU 16(c) and Article C.4 teachers in temporary or continuing assignments who are current TTOC in the district or have been a TTOC in the district in the past are eligible to initiate a transfer of experience from TTOC to teacher (17 FTE days as TTOC = 1 month of experience). The deadline to completd the 'Teacher Notice: LOU 16(c) - TTOC Experience Transfer Request - Form B' is November 15, 2017. Please see the left side menu of this page for the form. If you have any questions contact SOSTU president, TTOC Rep or district payroll. (November 2, 2016)

Collective Agreements
For your convenience the SOSTU and CUPE collective agreements are available on-line (see left side menu of this page). If you would like a printed copy of the agreement, request from a SOSTU staff rep or CUPE shop steward, school office or the district office. (November 3, 2016)  

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Optum December Webinar: Budgeting for 2017
'Along with the joys of the season, this time of year can bring budget-related anxiety. In this presentation, Bill Cooke joins us again to offer strategies to help strengthen our finances into the new year. We invite you to join on December 14th, 2016 at 12:00 noon', Click here to register!

Counselling Services
Optum Canada, provides professional, confidential wellness services, such as short-term counselling, to the employees and family (who are covered by employee benefits). Optum provides counselling support, nutritional coaching, and legal/financial coaching. To access the counselling services. To access counselling services call 604-431-8200 or 1-800-663-9099 24/7. It takes about 10 minutes to create a file and set up an appointment to see or speak to a clinical counsellor. Services are available in person, via phone or email and are arranged outside of work hours including weekends or evening. (November 22, 2016)

OPTUM livewell
The OPTUM livewell website is designed to provide information, advice and support to staff and their family. Their wellness resources are designed to assist in plans and preparation for upcoming life events or manage ongoing challenges. Click here to access OPTUM resources (login is available in the 'All Staff' area of FirstClass). (November 10, 2016)

Flu Shots
Getting the flu shot is your best defense against the flu. For information on the benefits of receiving a flu shot contact your local pharmacist or visit any drug store websites. To receive the vaccination, attend any pharmacy, mention you are a school district employee and if there is a charge, send your receipt to the school board office on an expense claim form to be reimbursed for 1/2 the cost. (October 25, 2016)


TPP is Changing:
TPP pensionable services is changing Click here to find out how and why (December 5, 2016)

MPP Pension Seminars:
  • Your Pension, Your Future Seminar: it is important for new and mid-career employees to know how decisions made today can affect retirement pension in the years to come.
  • Thinking about Retirement Seminar: for employees within five years of retirement, check out the seminar: Thinking About Retiring. To help plan and prepare for retirement
Registration is easy. Register through My Account on the MPP website or another one of the options available as shown on the MPP website. (August 17, 2016)

MPP Benefit Changes for Retired Members Plan members near retirement can learn how the MPP benefit changes may affect your retirment benefits by clicking on these links MPP Health and Dental Care Information. (June 30, 2016)

Questions about your benefits? email our payroll department at payroll@sd53.bc.ca

Education & Training

RTI Online Training

SetBC now offers 5 modules of RTI online training including

(1) Inclusion
(2) Who are we teaching?
(3) What are we teaching?
(4) How to support students?
(5) How to meet content goals

These modules are designed to start at #1 and work through numerically at your own pace. Prior to beginning, it is suggested that you print the module workbook (found in the 'Activities' tab of the module).

To access the modules, go to SetBC Curriculum for All at https://www.setbc.org/course/curriculum-for-all/  (note: depending on your computer, you may need to choose 'Return to Course' to access the pages).

POPARD provides training to all public and independent schools across the province of BC with a primary focus on increasing the capacity of school district staff to support students with autism spectrum disorder. To view POPARD (Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders) training opportunities  Click Here.

Contact Information for payroll and human resources
click here
Teacher Pension Plan
For information on purchasing pensionable service for unpaid leaves
Click here for information
Municipal Pension Plan
For information on purchasing pensionable service for unpaid leaves
Click here for information
Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance
Pacific Blue Cross offers Medi-Assist to members and their dependents who experience emergencies while traveling outside their provice of residence.
Click here for information
Travel Insurance
Pacific Blue Cross offers Voluntary Travel Insurance at a discounted price for those enrolled in group plans
Click here for information
Life Insurance
- Optional life insurance is available for your and your spouse. Contact payroll dept for more information

- ensure your life insurance beneficiary is correct by contacting the payroll dept at payroll@sd53.bc.ca

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