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'All Staff' in FirstClass has had a face lift! This area will be cleared out on a regular basis so the emails are kept to current emails only, and the seldom used icons have been removed to reduce clutter. Check it out! (August 6, 2015)

SD53 Employee Handbook Latest Update!  The EA handbook can now be found in the SD53 Employee Handbook. Find our SD53 Employee Handbook in FirstClass, in the 'All Staff' area, at the top click on the icon called 'SD53 Employee Handbook.docx'.  (August 6, 2015)

How to Submit your Leave Online - all district employees have easy access to 'MyAbsences' online. What can you do in `My Absenses'? • place a leave request for processing • request a replacement employee for your absence • review absences and/or dispatches • manage dispatch availability. To access 'My Absences' Click Here (this link is also available in the 'All Staff' area on your First Class desktop and on the top of the left side menu of this page). (July 3, 2015)


Drug Retirement Seminar Information (August 18, 2015)- The fall schedule for the pension plan free member seminars is now posted (see links below). There are two seminars available to all plan members, including those receiving long-term disability benefits. Seminare are for all plan members (this includes those receiving long-term disability benefits, are welcome to attend). There are two seminars: Your Pension, Your Future (1.5 hours) is for new and mid-career members, and Thinking About Retiring (2 hours) is for members within five years of retirement. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. And, members are responsible for their own travel and associated costs. Questions? Email: MPPseminars@pensionsbc.ca or phone 250 356-8547 (Victoria) or 1 877 558-5573 (toll-free).

BC PharmaCare and Generic Drug - important information on drastic increase cost in medications and how asking for generic drugs can save you money - Click here for details     (July 3, 2015)

Employee and Family Assistance Plan - Optum is your confidential employee and family assistance program. Optum provides employees and immediate family members who permanently reside in the employees home counselling services for any life events that may affect your family life, work life, or general well being. Optum has flexible hours so that you are able to arrange appointments outside of your work schedule. Contact Optum (24/7/365) at 1-800-663-9099 or visit their website. Optum website is designed to provide information, advice and support regarding issues affecting your personal life, work life, and health and wellbeing. LiveWell Life, Family & Relationships section includes information on relationships, beginning a family, parenting, caregiving, and safte and crisis planning. Click here to visit the website (access code is posted in 'All Staff' email dated April 2, 2014). (August 6, 2015)

CaresNet Click here to: submit your Pacific Blue Cross claims online or download the mobile app • see if your claim is approved • register for direct deposit • check plan coverage and limits • save service provider addresses • save your ID card to your mobile device • view dependent coverage (August 6, 2015)

District Professional Development Day - Sept 2
Full details and registration information is in the 'All Staff' area of FirstClass. No registration fee for SD53 employees, bag lunch included. Open to Trustees, teachers, administrators and relevant support staff. Registration forms have been distributed to staff by the Pro-D Committee. Break-out sessions mostly by internal educators plus two outside presenters including:
- Colleen DeVeyrac (international speaker, teacher and educational consultant) discussing skills and strategies to increase resiliency in students as well as specific strategies for staff to decrease stress levels and reactions to challenging situations, and
- Dr. Peter Liljedahl, associate professor of Mathematics Education at SFU, presenting on goals of learning mathematics.

RTI training for secondary teachers - August 31 and September 1.  Registration is complete. Facilitator:  Shelley Moore from Richmond School District.  Location: Oliver Community Centre.

POPARD - August 31- September 4 (5 days). Registration is complete. Offered by Provincial POPARD facilitator and held in the Annex. For more information see the May 21, 2015 'POPARD Training' email in 'All Staff'.

FRIENDS - October 23. Grades 4-5 training for teachers.  Registration form will be coming from the Province.

(updated August 6, 2015)

Contact Information for payroll and human resources
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Teacher Pension Plan
For information on purchasing pensionable service for unpaid leaves
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Municipal Pension Plan
For information on purchasing pensionable service for unpaid leaves
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Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance
Pacific Blue Cross offers Medi-Assist to members and their dependents who experience emergencies while traveling outside their provice of residence.
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Travel Insurance
Pacific Blue Cross offers Voluntary Travel Insurance at a discounted price for those enrolled in group plans
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Life Insurance
- Optional life insurance is available for your and your spouse. Contact payroll dept for more information

- ensure your life insurance beneficiary is correct by contacting the payroll dept at payroll@sd53.bc.ca

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