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TTOC Experience Transfer Request - a written notice must be provided by the teacher and received by the district no later than June 30th of the preceding school year for a transfer for TTOC experience credits earned up to and including June 30th to take effect on August 31st of the following school year. Complete and submit the Teacher Notice: LOU 16(c)-TTOC Experience Transfer Request-Form A (Click here to access the LOU 16(c)-FORM A.pdf) and submit it to the school board office payroll department at payroll@sd53.bc.ca.

Leave Request Message - assist your replacement to be prepared for the day by leaving message in your leave request about a special event ('Message' is found on the 'Absence Entry: Replacement Instructions' screen of the absence). For example, including a message with details regarding the skating trip or other sporting event that day will give replacements the opportunity to consider appropriate clothing. (March 1, 2016)  

What is LiveWell (Optum)? Optum offers employees a variety of resources and tools to assist you in achieving wellness goals including counselling services. Available to all employees as part of your benefit package, the LiveWell Member Portal can be accessed at Click here to access (Username/Access Code is available in the 'All Staff' area of FirstClass). For more information including counselling services phone 1-800-663-9099 (toll free) or 1-604-431-8200 (March 1, 2016)

Where is the SD53 Employee Handbook? Find our district employee handbook in the 'All Staff' area of FirstClass (icon is top right above the school bus icon) -  confidentiality and privacy, payroll pay schedules, Tim Time, expectations for TTOCs, education assistant personal care duties, universal precautions, leaves and more!! Check it out! (March 1, 2016)

DON'T PAY TWICE!! Do you and your spouse both pay for BC Medical? This is not as uncommon as you may think. Medical Services Plan does not cross check to ensure people are not paying at more than one workplace, so if you and your spouse both have benefits at your place of work check to ensure you are not being deducted at both locations for your regular BC Medical.  Not does it cost you as a payroll deduction and is also a taxable benefit with no added value, but the expense to the employer is significate. Only one partner should to pay the monthly family or couple premium. If you have questions about your BC Medical premiums contact Heather in payroll at payroll@sd53.bc.ca (February 5, 2016)

Teachers - are you being paid the correct scale and category? If you have had an assignment in another district and have not provided your experience recognition form, contact payroll@sd53.bc.ca to request a form. If you have taken additional coursework that you have not submitted to TQS, the link to their website is on the left side menu. (September 16, 2015)

Municipal Pension  Benefit Changes for Retired Members IMPORTANT!!  - Plan members near retirement can learn how the MPP benefit changes may affect their retirment benefits by clicking on these links MPP Health and Dental Care Information. (June 30, 2016)

Teacher Pension Plan Member News - what members can look forward to...
(updated June 17, 2016)

  • Getting to Know Your Pension (new eLearning) a 15-minute course for new and potential members that introduces the value and benefits of plan membership
  • Making the Most of Your Pension (formerly Your Pension, Your Future) a 2-hour workshop for mid-career members focused on how the decisions members make throughout their careers can affect their pension when they retire  
  • Approaching Retirement (formerly Thinking About Retirement) a 1.5-hour workshop for members nearing retirement focused on helping them understand the important decisions they need to make about their pension as retirement approaches  
For members, the improved member education will help them prepare for their future wherever they are in their pension journey. They’ll receive the right information at the right time. Most importantly, the improved member education will:
  • Enhance members’ experience with their pension through education and engagement
  • Provide multi-format, simple, relevant and impactful learning
  • Meet member needs at each stage of their relationship with their pension  
Here’s how:
  • Current adult education principles are being incorporated ensuring members are able to reflect and apply what they learn to their own situations (resulting in higher comprehension and retention levels)
  • Moving to interactive workshops and an eLearning course from lecture-style seminars encourages participation and engagement  
Are you eligible for MSP premium assistance? once you have completed your tax return, Click here for details on MSP premium assistance. If you are eligible, follow the instructions to apply. Once approved, you will reduce your taxes since employer share of monthly premiums are taxable. Check it out and contact MSP directly if you have any questions. (March 1, 2016)

Pension Plan Member News - Announcement: On September 30,2015, the Pension Benefits Standards Act was modernized. There have been some clarifications to how the changes affect employees and their pension.  Click here for Municipal Pension Plan (MPP) information and click here for Teacher Pension Plan (TPP) information. (updated April 5, 2016)

Education & Training


SetBC now offers 5 modules of RTI online training including

(1) Inclusion
(2) Who are we teaching?
(3) What are we teaching?
(4) How to support students?
(5) How to meet content goals

These modules are designed to start at #1 and work through numerically at your own pace. Prior to beginning, it is suggested that you print the module workbook (found in the 'Activities' tab of the module).

To access the modules, go to SetBC Curriculum for All at https://www.setbc.org/course/curriculum-for-all/  (note: depending on your computer, you may need to choose 'Return to Course' to access the pages).

Contact Information for payroll and human resources
click here
Teacher Pension Plan
For information on purchasing pensionable service for unpaid leaves
Click here for information
Municipal Pension Plan
For information on purchasing pensionable service for unpaid leaves
Click here for information
Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance
Pacific Blue Cross offers Medi-Assist to members and their dependents who experience emergencies while traveling outside their provice of residence.
Click here for information
Travel Insurance
Pacific Blue Cross offers Voluntary Travel Insurance at a discounted price for those enrolled in group plans
Click here for information
Life Insurance
- Optional life insurance is available for your and your spouse. Contact payroll dept for more information

- ensure your life insurance beneficiary is correct by contacting the payroll dept at payroll@sd53.bc.ca

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